PhD Applications Update 3

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Whooooaaaaa my goodness people! Haven’t updated y’all on this journey in a couple months and I think now’s a great time to do that. 😀

Since my last post I have had the pleasure of interviewing with various institutions, mainly the following:

  • UChicago
  • University of Utah
  • MIT
  • UC Irvine

I had my third interview with MIT today and I also have my first interview coming up next week with UCSD so that’s going to be very exciting! I am extremely grateful to all these institutions that give me the opportunity to interview with them.

Lastly, 🎉🎉I got an acceptance!🎉🎉 I got an acceptance to UChicago with full funding! Wow! 😲 Thank you very very very VERY much to the faculty and admissions committee at UChicago. You made a young Latino boy very very happy today.

These are all the updates that I have for you today!

¡Hasta la próxima!